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March Talks: 

Mind, body and Social problems-

Tackling the challenges


Care organisations share their experiences

Weds. March 31st 5.30 – 7pm

Dementia Friendly Communities – Cherry Evans

Versus Arthritis – Sarah Greener

Dezza’s Cabin – Tom, Kristina and the team


The world through their eyes, dementia effect

Seeing the world through dementia's eyes


Cherry Evans will share understanding of what is going on for those with dementia, what helps and what does not.


It is caused by physical brain damage, often due to reduced blood flow. There is no cure or reversal but healthy lifestyle, especially exercise, can prevent its physical causes.


Dementia affects one in 14 people over 65 and one in six over 80. We are all likely to meet it. Cherry continues her mission to build dementia friendly communities.

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Half a million people in Wales have Arthritis.

Arthritis can affect people of any age and has a huge impact on all aspects of someone’s life.

Sarah Greener describes how Cymru Versus Arthritis are taking on the challenge to help people live well with their arthritis


Dezza's Cabin fund-raiser in the Dock


Unlike physical problems, social breakdown is often blamed on those suffering

The most egregious form is the forced removal of children. Around 2000 a year in Wales are placed in the care system, by far the highest rate in the UK and nearly all against the family’s wishes.

Dezza’s cabin was born of the trauma and tragedies resulting from this practice. It currently serves all kinds of needs based on peer to peer self help. It sign-posts, provides rescue, money, clothing, training and a sense of purpose for those involved.


The Pembroke Dock based organisation is active throughout south Pembrokeshire and into the neighbouring counties. It has a shop in Haverfordwest, hoping to reopen soon. It is seeking bigger premises.

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