Upcoming Events

  • Indoor Vertical Farming and Microgreen Production
    Mon, May 23
    Newport Memorial Hall
    Microgreens are rich in assorted minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium and have numerous health benefits. This one day course will give you everything you need to start growing your own fresh healthy micro greens from home regardless of your access to land.
  • Solar Irrigation Installation Skills Workshop Talk
    Thu, May 26
    Come to learn and help set up a solar irrigation system at Nevern Valley Veg
  • Small Scale Mushroom Cultivation in  Rural AND Urban Environments.
    Mon, May 30
    Newport Memorial Hall
    How can we incorprate mushroom production into our home grown food? Mushrooms are incredibly important for land health and as part of our diets, this informative and engaging one day course will give you everything you need to start cultivating these amazing organisms at home.
  • Beginners Gardening Course
    Time is TBD
    8 sessions covering design, soil health, vegetables, fruit, covered growing, spring planting, seeds, holistic gardening, composting etc
  • Un Dau Tyfi - Designing a Community Garden
    December 10th & January 22nd
    Parc Ceryg
    We will look at the site and do a simple landscape observation exercise as a foundation for later design decisions. We will then explore the growers’ hopes, values and ideas as the next step in the design process. We will go through the practical decisions and what to take into account going forward
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The Growing Greener Spaces Training Events are funded  by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.