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Tir Tyfu Bro

Grŵp uncovered 25 community growing sites (Tir Tyfu Bro) in Pembrokeshire, not counting council run allotments. Some are dormant, some are mature, most are young and growing.

Pembs Plots plan to join the dots between growers, funders, volunteer services, health and education and businesses to strengthen resilience. 

Learning & Sharing

Working together to build resilience

As part of Pembrokeshire Plots goals we are hoping to connect the growing communities across Pembrokeshire to share good practise, and identify common needs in the hope that Grŵp can meet needs and work collectively to find solutions to common challenges.

We hope that different growing communities can support one another with ideas and tips and develop beneficial connections. We welcome any thoughts you may have in this area.

Tir Tyfu Bro sites  

See our producers page for a full list of local community growers 

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