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In December  Enhancing Pembrokeshire gave us a grant to improve and grow the county’s allotments, community farms and gardens.


Searching the county has so far uncovered 25 growing projects! Not counting the council allotments.

They range from mature to a twinkle in the eye. They are diverse, from traditional allotments to a veterans' first stab at horticulture. Some focus on tranquillity, some on education some on wood, some on protein rich beans. There is even a community food garden in the sea.

We are researching their needs. Seven projects met on zoom to explore working together. Other meetings focussed on the search for land and how to develop it.


Grwp Resilience secured £17,000 as part of the Repair Network Pembrokeshire. This will buy: A supply of electricity with solar PV and a compost loo for a growing site, three contrasting organisations to run repair workshops for tools, bikes and clothing and a generous shed for gardeners to gather, have tea and workshops, share seeds, ideas and equipment.  


The enthusiasm among the projects to collaborate and help each other felt like spring sun.

There is so much more to do.

resilience self help of veg.jpg

Pembs Plots Aims


Find the existing Tir Tyfu Bro - Community growing sites. Learn their history, strengths, needs, how they run and how they benefit people and nature. We visit and lending a hand while learning.


Once we know the needs we can access funding and pass it along. Arrange networking meetings, share information, provide admin support and boost  the team on the ground.

Widen the benefits

There are needs in our communities that Cydnerthu and The tiroedd could meet. The need to be healthier, happier, saner. For a better diet and to be at one with nature. We are bringing people together to widen benefits.

Expand the land

There are long and growing waiting lists for allotments.

These are the tip of the iceberg

of a profound need.


We are seeking land near to

towns and villages.

Suggestions welcome. 

Do you want an allotment?


We are connecting to government, food and farming networks, the voluntary sector, NHS trusts, schools and primary care to connect the many initiatives. We aim to always work from the ground up, to strengthen those who have the needs and are doing the ground work.

 Work with schools, social services, mental health and primary health care to develop social prescribing and meet wellbeing needs through outdoor work and gardening




Pembrokeshire Plots were busy connecting with people who need allotments , or would benefit from access to community gardens, seeking land opportunities, and applying for funding to help new and existing allotments and community gardens. 


Linking up people in need of land to grow, with available plots. Securing funding.

Encouraging and supporting sites to hold summer open days. The June programme is on our Events page


Delivering benefits to Allotments across Pembrokeshire using Welsh Government and Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grants. (improving accessibility, site services, biodiversity)

Enabling self-sustainability through the formation of allotment associations, joining up the growing community. 


This summer we're visiting sites across Pembrokeshire to hear about the wonderful work of our affiliates and growing communities. Each month we'll feature one of our site visits. And encourage you to vist or support services where public access is welcomed.



JUNE 2020

Stackpole Walled Gardens  


On May 19th we met with Debbie Drewit from Stackpole Walled gardens to find out more about what they do, and how COVID 19 has impacted them.


As it states on their website “Stackpole Walled gardens begun as a garden project in 1983 by The Haverfordwest and Area Society for Mentally Handicapped Children & Adults [now known as Pembrokeshire Mencap Ltd.] providing meaningful work experience for local adults with learning disabilities” It comprises of a walled area for vegetable growing, a flower meadow, secret garden, tea rooms and information centre and a shop, as well as other treasures. You can find out more on their website.

Pembrokeshire Plots: News & Updates


The Pembrokeshire Plots team is lead by Vicky and Mary

under the guidance of the Grwp committee

If you wish to get involved or hear more please contact us


Outreach Coordinator

Vicky is a well known ambassador for the community of Pembrokeshire and an integral member of Grwp Resilience. Vicky who is responsible for securing the grant, acts in a volunteer capacity to direct the Pembs Plots project.



Project Manager

Mary is a project consultant selected by the Grwp Resilience Committee to manage the Pembs Plots Project.


With a background in digital project management in the global health industry, Mary has spent 15 years working with large online communities. She has a passion for understanding people's needs and delivering solutions that improve health and wellbeing outcomes. 

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