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Build a Community plan for zero - Friday 13th in Haverhub

Moving beyond fossil fuels is a huge challenge. Can it improve the quality of life locally? Or is it all about sacrifice, doing and having less?

An event on Friday 13th May in Haverhub will ask people to shape a zero carbon county, from the ground up.

The County Council plan for net zero will be on display, with officers available to discuss it, but the focus is on a complementary people’s plan, community led.

The 10am to 5pm event is a fair, showcasing businesses delivering on zero, with optional discussion circles and activities to try out.

At 3pm we will hear progress by the council, reasons for and against climate action, then break into groups to consider the foundations for a plan. The speakers will include an opponent to climate action, a climate activist and representatives from the council.

The event is free, from 10 to 3 there will be tasters of blacksmithing, wood skills, a hydrogen car, good food for donations, info on marine renewables, solar pv storage and energy savings etc.

Through the day there are optional discussion circles on popular topics including Land for the People at midday and mental health self help.

Sir Sero is organised by Grwp Resilience, funding credits below.

Grwp organiser, Vicky Moller explained why this, why now:

‘The challenge is to build the future we want or to have one imposed on us. For many, a life without fossil fuels suggests having and doing less and making sacrifices. It could be the opposite, having much more power over our lives and doing more with greater skills. Moving out of fossil fuels is essential for our shared future, and inevitable in time anyway.

If we don’t build a community led plan, the risk is that changes will further disempower and impoverish us. So the time is now to take the lead through democratic discussion.’

Sir Sero is in Haverhub, Quay St. Haverfordwest 10am to 5pm 13th May.

Register on our event page

Mae’r prosiect hwn yn cael ei ariannu gan Lywodraeth y DU trwy Gronfa Adfywio Cymunedol y DU

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

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