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Dezza's Cabin, a charity born below stairs

After years of struggle Dezzas Cabin, a Grŵp Resilience affiliate, achieved their ultimate goal this Summer, to become a charity. Dezza's Cabin, was set up after a tragic incident in 2013, and has been supporting people, through their difficulties, for many years.

Two of its founders each lost a child to suicide while trapped in the care system, against the will of their parents and without support. From this tragedy, Dezza’s cabin, a namesake of one of the children was formed.

Pictured: Kristina and her son.

Few charities achieve as much as they have. With a governing committee of 16 and scores of volunteers, they are growing each year, collecting and distributing donations, and providing support to anyone in need through work, signposting and other support.

Having started with a shop premises in Haverfordwest last year, they now have a warehouse in Johnston, and run the Monkton community centre in Pembroke. There is no doubt that the reach and impact of this charity is felt deeply within our community, as DC volunteers respond to calls to help from the neediest in our community.

Many of the volunteers have risen from the depths of despair thanks to Dezza's cabin. One volunteer, Tom (pictured), a charismatic young man in his early 20’s, was once suicidal himself, and recently prevented a suicide in action. This is a harrowing experience for any person, but as a former friend and first on scene when Dezza took his life, he is probably more experienced than most, and the best person to kick down that door and provide initial support to someone in crisis.

The person involved, later began volunteering with Dezza's, has a job and speaks of being ‘so glad to be alive’.

This is all in a day's work, which to most of us would be too harrowing to keep doing.

Above: Tom above with a repaired bike.

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