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Grwp find new lands for allotments and community gardens in Pembrokeshire!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Grwp's own Vicky Moller has been tirelessly pursuing offers of Land to meet the persistent unmet need of our community for an outdoor space to grow, socialise and enjoy.

Many doors are opening and the tide is turning as land owners across Pembrokeshire look for alternative uses for their land. Giving back something to the community, supporting the rising demand for sustainable living through outdoor growing, enabling health and wellbeing benefits through outdoor activity and social engagement.

Land in Haverfordwest is at the lease stage and will meet needs that have been growing for half a decade. An offer of Land in Llangoedmor and a developing site in the Goodwick area, are all pipeline projects Grwp are excited about right now.

The Goodwick site has been visited by potential users from the local community, had its soil tested and its owners are doing the due diligence to make it a success.

There is also an established site in Login that Grwp are looking to match with people in that area.

It's a wonderfully positive way to enter the final quarter of 2021 that could mean Spring 2022 will see the sprouting of further shoots in the Tyr Tyfi Bro community, as it spreads it's network across Pembrokeshire, rousing a slumbering landscape, from its unused green-carpet state, into useful land. Land that benefits families and individuals through access to organic food and the great outdoors!

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Grwp can guide leasing your land for allotment and community garden formation.

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